LG Navigation system release 7.5.8 changelog

In March 2014 I wrote a blog posting about updating my LG Navigation system used in the leasing car I’m driving, a Hyundai i40 Stationwagon. This navigation system is used in a variety of models from the Korean brands Kia and Hyundai. A few days ago these brands have released a new software version for this system, version 7.5.8. As usual no changelog was provided, so it is up to the community to discover the differences. In this posting I’ll bring in my discoveries.

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LG Navigation system release 7.4.5 changelog

Currently I’m driving a Hyundai i40 1.6 Gdi stationwagon as a leasing car. This Hyundai has a builtin navigation system built by LG. For this system once in a while a software upgrade is released. Yesterday evening I have applied version 7.4.5. On the internet I haven’t found an official or unofficial changelog for this version, but I found some myself. The most important is a Map care mode. Normally this blog creates postings in Dutch language. Though I expect I might get some traffic on this post from abroad. For that reason I wrote it in English.

UPDATE 20 January 2015: Hyundai has released a newer version than 7.4.5. See this posting for more information about this new 7.5.8 version.

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Augmented motorkap – proof of concept

Augmented reality is opnieuw in de aandacht met 2 nieuwe innovaties van Layar. De ene innovatie, nl Layar creator, maakt het voor uitgevers van printed media content makkelijk om zelf een digitale laag te maken voor hun prints. Ik schreef hierover al eerder op deze blog. De andere innovatie is de koppeling tussen collactie van boek en dvdcovers van bol.com met Layar. Afgelopen week bleef ik daarom vaker bij deze materie stil staan en bedacht een leuk proof-of-concept voor toepassing binnen Automotive gebied: Augmented motorkap

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